Advanced Medical Imaging

Prof. Davi Geiger
New York University,
Department of Computer Science ,
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences 

Course Schedule
The course will be held at IMPA.
The lectures will be on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 am from August 10 to August 28.
Room 228

Course Syllabus
0. Overview of Medical imaging problems.
1. The Bayesian framework for image reconstruction
2. 2D and 3D segmentation via snakes
3. Dynamic programming for 2D snakes
4. Level sets for 2D and 3D segmentation
5. Wavelet decomposition for segmentation.
6. Mutual Information for image matching and registration
7. Maximum flow algorithm for image matching and registration
8. 2D Tracking
9. 3D Tracking

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