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November, 22
Article entitled "Nova Visão Panorâmica" about the Visorama Project is published in Veja magazine.

October, 20-23
Visgraf participation at SIBGRAPI'98
Organizing Commitee Member: Paulo Cezar Carvalho
Courses Chair: Paulo Cezar Carvalho
Video Festival Chairs: Fernando Wagner da Silva and Marcos Vinicius Rayol.

  • "De Fourier às Wavelets",
    Jonas Gomes, Luiz Velho.
  • Panel:

  • Métodos Multi-escala : "Wavelet Tools for Digital Painting",
    Luiz Velho.
  • Papers:

  • "Error measures in greedy insertion simplification methods",
    A. A. Montenegro, M. Gattass, P. C. P. Carvalho.

  • "Cache management for real time visualization of 2D data sets",
    Andre Matos, Jonas Gomes, Luiz Velho.

  • "A systems architecture for warping and morphing af graphical objects",
    Jonas Gomes, Lucia Darsa, Bruno Costa, Luiz Velho.

  • "Texturing composite deformable implicit objects",
    Ruben Zonenschein, Jonas Gomes, Luiz Velho, Luiz H. de Figueiredo, Mark Tigges and Brian Wyvill.

  • "Image-based modeling using a two-step camera calibration method",
    P. C. P. Carvalho, F. Szenberg and M. Gattass.
  • Videos:

  • "2D Textures - An Implicit Drama",
    Ruben Zonenschein, Jonas Gomes, Luiz Velho, Luiz H. de Figueiredo.

  • "Visorama",
    Andre Matos, Jonas Gomes, Luiz Velho and Andre Parente.

  • September, 28
    Article entitled "Na Fronteira do Saber" is published in Época magazine.

    September, 3
    Article entitled "Visorama: um aparelho recria tempo e espaço" about the Visorama Project
    is broadcasted by Hipermidia, an information and technology program from NetBrasil Cable TV.

    Book published by Morgan-Kaufmann
    "Warping and Morphing of Graphical Objects"
    Jonas Gomes, Lucia Darsa, Bruno Costa, Luiz Velho

    September, 1-5
    Visgraf participation at EUROGRAPHICS'98, Lisbon
    short-paper : "Motion Reparametrization"
    Fernando Wagner da Silva, Jonas Gomes and Luiz Velho

    August, 1-15
    Two short courses on medical images at IMPA, organized by the Visgraf project :

  • "Image scale and medical images "

  •     Bart M.ter Haar Romeny
        see a picture of the participants of the course 
  • "Advanced Medical Imaging "
        Davi Geiger
        see a picture of the participants of the course 

    July, 31
    D.Sc. Thesis Defense. Romildo J. da Silva
    Title: "Processamento Geometrico de objetos volumetricos"
    Advisor: Jonas Gomes

    July, 19-24
    Visgraf participation at SIGGRAPH'98:
    25th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques;
    Orlando Convention Center; Orlando, Fla, USA;

  • Course: "From Fourier Analysis to Wavelets"
    Organizers: Jonas Gomes and Luiz Velho
    (siggraph course description)

  • Technical Sketch: "Visorama: A Complete Virtual Panorama System"
    Andre Matos, Luiz Velho, Jonas Gomes, Andre Parente, Heloisa Siffert

    July, 9
    Master's Thesis Defense. Andre Machado de Matos .
    Title: "Visualization of Virtual Panoramas"
    Advisor: Luiz Velho

    June, 15-16
    Ruben Zonenschein presents a paper at Implicit Surfaces '98: The Third International Workshop on Implicit Surfaces.
    "Controlling Texture Mapping onto Implicit Surfaces with Particle Systems"
    Ruben Zonenschein, Jonas Gomes, Luiz Velho, and Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo

    June, 8
    Article entitled "Juiz Virtual", about the software JuizVirtual,
    by Flavio Szenberg and Paulo Cezar Carvalho
    in Jornal do Brasil, Caderno de Informatica.

    June, 1
    Ralph Teixeira, former IMPA student finishes his PhD in Harvard in the area of computer vision
    Title: "Curvature Motions, Medial Axes and Distance Transforms",
    Advisor: David Munford

    May, 21
    Jonas Gomes from the research staff of Visgraf project was nominated as a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences

    May, 15
    Master's Thesis Defense. Marcos Vinicius Rayol Sobreiro.
    Title: "Color and Image Quantization"
    Advisor: Jonas Gomes

    March, 23-25
    Visgraf participation at Workshop on Image-Based Modeling and Rendering
    see a picture of the participants of the workshop 

    March, 3
    Master's Thesis Defense. Fernando Wagner da Silva.
    Title: "A Motion Capture Based Animation System"
    Advisor: Luiz Velho

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