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PhaseSpace Optical Motion Capture
Adaptive Optics Associated
Charnwood Dynamics
Measurand Inc.
Mikromak GmbH
Motion Analysis Corporation
Motion Lab Systems
Northern Digital Inc.
Peak Performance Technologies
Phoenix Technologies Incorporated
Qualisys Inc.
STT Simulation Techniques
Vicon Motion Systems
X-IST Technologies

Ascension Technology Corporation
Euclid Research
General Reality Company
Polhemus Inc.
Servo To Go Inc.

Analogus Corporation
Digital Image Design Inc.
Puppet Works
Virtual Technologies, Inc.

Digits 'n Art Inc.
InMotion Systems

Production/Service companies

3x3 Designs
Acclaim.Net MoCap Studio
AnimaZoo - motion capture rental
Avatar Motion Capture Studios
Biomechanics, Inc.
BioVision Home Page
Digital Domain
Foundation Imaging
Giant Studios
hOuse of mOves
Kinetic Impulse
Lamb & Company
LocoMotion Studios
Madcap Studios
Modern Uprising Studios
MOTEK site
Motion Capture Site - Graham Bruce
nodna - agency for virtual models and characters
Performance Capture Studio
Pyros Pictures Inc.
Probe Entertainment
Rainbow Studios
Red Eye Studio
Rearden Steel Studios
SIMI Reality Motion Systems
Tyrell Innovations Online
Vierte Art
Viewpoint DataLabs
X-Lab # Digital Laboratory (Italy)
Z-UP Productions

Research groups

3-D Analysis of Human Movement
Biomechanics World Wide
Center for Human Modeling and Simulation
Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing
FASE Project at CWI (the Netherlands)
GVU: Animation Lab
Human-Computer Communication Research Group at RMIT
Imaging Research Center at UMBC
LIG - Computer Graphics Lab, EPFL - MOCA Project
MOCA Project website - Motion Capture at Art and Magic
Media Research Lab
MERL project: Shadow Puppetry
Microsoft Research - Human Figure Animation Project
MIT Leg Laboratory
Motion Capture Lab
Motion Capture Research at VISGRAF Laboratory

Andrew Gildfind (RMIT Univ.)
Andrew Witkin (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)
Armin Bruderlin (Simon Fraser Univ.)
Axel Mulder (Simon Fraser Univ.)
Bobby Boddenheimer (Georgia Tech.)
Brian Guenter (Microsoft Research)
Bruce Randall Donald (Univ. of Dartmouth)
Charles F. Rose (Microsoft Research)
Daniel Thalmann (EPFL, Switzerland)
David Sturman (MIT)
Demetri Terzopoulos (Univ. of Toronto)
Dimitris Metaxas (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Fernando Wagner da Silva (IMPA)
Geoff Heatley (UK)
Jane Wilhelms (Univ. of California at Santa Cruz)
Jessica Hodgins (Georgia Tech.)
Jonas Gomes (IMPA)
Ken Perlin (New York Univ.)
Luiz Velho (IMPA)
Michael Cohen (Microsoft Research)
Michiel van de Panne (Univ. of Toronto)
Mike Gleicher (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Norman Badler (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Rick Parent (Univ. of Ohio-State)
Sebastian Grassia (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)


3D Site
Biomechanics Yellow Pages
Clinical Gait Analysis
Ghassan al-Qaimari's Animation Links
Maya Motion Capture
Motion Capture for Automobile, Industrial, Multimedia and Medical uses
Motion Capture resources: Andrew Gildfind
Motion Sensor Reference (Euclid Research)
Performance Animation resources: Richard Cray
SGI's Motion Capture page
The State of the Art in Motion Capture (MOCA Project)
Yahoo! - Motion Capture resources

Books, papers, reports, ...
A Brief History of Motion Capture for Computer Character Animation (by David J. Sturman)
A Practical Approach to Motion Capture: Acclaim's optical mocap system (by Wes Trager)
A Survey of Glove-based Input
Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques (Rick Parent's book)
Human Movement Tracking Technology
Human Movement Tracking Technology: resources
Motion Capture presentation at Syracuse University
Motion Capture System (by Andrea Bottino)
Motion Capture White Paper

Motion Capture FAQ at MetaMotion
Motion Capture FAQ at Nichimen
Motion Capture FAQ at Pyros
Motion processing techniques
Motion cyclification
Motion retargetting
Motion retiming

On-line courses
Computer Animation (CS Course, Georgia Tech., Prof. Jessica Hodgins)
Topics in Computer Animation (CS Course, University of Dartmouth, Prof. Bruce R. Donald)
Panels, discussion lists...
Biomechanics and Human/Animal Movement discussion group
Motion Editing Web (material from Gleicher's SIGGRAPH'99 course + MoEd discussion list)
SIGGRAPH 97 Online Panel - Motion Capture

European Society for Movement Analysis
International Society of Biomechanics
International Society of Biomechanics in Sports
North American Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society
Performance Animation Society

Sample data

Kinemation sample data (at SGI's site)
Sample data from AudioMotion
Sample data from House Of Moves
Sample data from Modern Uprising Studios
Sample data from Meta Motion
Sample data from Nichimen Graphics


Digits 'n Art Inc.
DreamTeam Ltd.
Famous - Facial Animation Solutions
Filmbox plug-in for MAYA
Hash, Inc.
HyperVision Motion Capture
Kaydara, Inc.
Kinetix Inc.
Mosey: Motion Capture Playback and Clean-Up
Motion Interactive (from GATECH)
Nichimen Graphics
Side Effects Software (Houdini)
Softimage Home Page
Working with Motion Capture in OpenGL

Format converters
Biomechanics, Inc. - Free Software

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