Metamorphosys of Sounds

This project was part of the final project in Electronic Engeneering of Siome Klein Goldenstein.

Supervisor: Jonas Gomes
Co-Supervisor: Gelson Mendonca (UFRJ)

This project applies the already developed technique of Image Morphing in Sounds.

For now the morph is done purely on the time domain. The results are already interesting, if not what expected. The next step is to use time-frequencies representations (like wavelet transforms) to acomplish the desired effect.

Like the image counterpart it is done by a combination of a "warp" ans a "fade". The placing of the "marks" affects directly the result of the morph. For now it is up to the user to place them correctly.

Some Results:

The original sounds are at (10k) and (12k).

The result of a normal fade is at (12k), and as expected it is clear the presence of both sounds.

The morph at 50% is found at (11k). The result, if not exactly what we would percieve as an intermediate voice, is one sound only and it's not possible to distinguish remains of either original.

Technical Reports

Part of this work is explained in Siome's Engeneering Ending Project Documentation. It is in portuguese, so download it at your own risk.

Typical appearance of the program

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Last Updated Mar 13th, 1996