Botanic App

Get inspired, explore and share.

Botanic is an app for those who wish to explore
Rio de Janeiro's Botanical Garden, one of the most visited
attractions in the "Wonder City".

Get inspired.

To set the right mood before you go to the Botanical Garden, check the "Info Mode" of the app. It contains a selection of poems written by the great musician Tom Jobim and wonderful pictures of the fauna, flora and architecture of the park taken by the photographer Zeka Araújo. It also brings all the information you need to plan your visit, such as when to go, how to get there and what are the main attractions.


Under the "Visit Mode", you'll be able to pick thematic trails to be followed and access media related to sites within the park. Botanic has a powerful turn-to-turn navigation tool that can be accessed through the map or the AR Viewer, which points towards the sites to go. All the landmarks and facilities are listed and can be located in the "Find" section.


The "Data Mode" allows you to collect, organise and share all the data you produced during your visit to the Botanical Garden, such as trail records, photographs and notes.