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[Velho et al., 2023]
Luiz Velho, Heron Werner, and Jorge Lopes. "3D Physical and Virtual Models in Fetal Medicine: Applications and Procedures", chapter 7, pages 77–82. Springer, 2023. chapter: Metaverse in Fetal Medicine.
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[da Silva et al., 2021]
Vinicius da Silva, Tiago Novello, Helio Lopes, and Luiz Velho. "Ray Tracing Gems II", chapter 33, pages 527–542. NVIDIA, 2021.
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[Novello et al., 2020]
Tiago Novello, COLLABORATORS, Vinicius da Silva, and Luiz Velho. "Illustrating Mathematics", chapter Video and Virtual Reality. American Mathematical Society, 2020.
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[Cruz et al., 2018]
Leandro Cruz, Vitor Rolla, Juliano Kestenberg, and Luiz Velho. "Visual Representations for Music Understanding Improvement", lncs X. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Verlag, 2018.
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[Rodrigues et al., 2009]
Paula Rodrigues, Asla Sá, and Luiz Velho. "Computer Animation: chapter Virtual Emotion to Expression: A Comprehensive Dynamic Emotion Model to Facial Expression Generation Using the MPEG-4 Standard", chapter 6. Nova Science Publishers, November 2009.
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[Albuquerque and Velho, 2008]
Antonia Lucinelma Pessoa Albuquerque and Luiz Velho. "Virtual Worlds", chapter Togetherness. IBS-Kochi, 2008.
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[Velho and Sossai, 2007]
Luiz Velho and Jonas Sossai. "Projective Texture Atlas and Applications", chapter 1. Curves and Surfaces, Avignon. Nashboro Press, 2007.
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[Madrazo et al., 2004]
Boris Mederos Madrazo, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, and Luiz Velho. "Geometric Desig and Computing - Seattle 2003", chapter Point Cloud Denoising. SIAM, 2004.
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[Peixoto and Velho, 2003]
Adelailson Peixoto and Luiz Velho. "Adaptive Mesh Extraction using Simplification and Refinement", pages 325–334. Curve and Surface Design: Saint-Malo02. Nashboro Press, 2003.
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[Mello et al., 2002]
Vinicius Mello, Luiz Velho, Paulo Roma Cavalcanti, and Claudio Silva. "A Generic Programming Approach to Multiresolution Spatial Decompositions", volume Visualization and Mathematics III. Springer Verlag, 2002.
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[Velho, 2001]
Luiz Velho. "Matematical Methods in CAGD: Oslo 2000", chapter Generalizing the C4 Four-directional Box Spline to Surfaces of Arbitrary Topology. Vanderbilt University Press, 2001.
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[Albuquerque et al., 2000]
Antonia Lucinelma Pessoa Albuquerque, Jonas Gomes, and Luiz Velho. "Virtual Sets: Concepts and Trends", chapter 3. Idea Group Publishing, 2000.

[Velho and Gomes, 2000]
Luiz Velho and Jonas Gomes. "Computacao Grafica: Uma Proposta de Plano Pedagogico", chapter -. II Curso de Qualidade de Cursos de Graduacao da Area de Computacao. SBC, 2000.
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[Gomes et al., 1997]
Jonas Gomes, Luiz Velho, Bruno Costa, and Lucia Darsa. "Graphical Objects", pages 69–83. II pr^emio Compaq de Estímulo à Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Informática. Instituto UNIEMP, Sao Paulo, SP, 1997.

[Velho, 1997]
Luiz Velho. "Visualização e Computação Gráfica", pages 113–117. Arte no Século XXI. Editora UNESP, 1997.

[Velho, 1993]
Luiz Velho. "Algorithmic Modeling", chapter -. Modeling in Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH'93 Course Notes), Anaheim, August 1993.
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