Papers published on Conference proceedings
Total number: 2

[Egiazarian et al., 2020]
Vage Egiazarian, Savva Ignatiev, Alexey Artemov, Oleg Voynov, Andrey Kravchenko, Youyi Zheng, Luiz Velho, and Evgeny Burnaev. "Latent-Space Laplacian Pyramids for Adversarial Representation Learning with 3D Point Clouds". In Proceedings of VISAPP, 2020.
[ pdf ]

[Velho and Lupiac, 2020]
Luiz Velho and Bernard Lupiac. "Expanded Virtual Puppeteering". In Proceedings of 15th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications., 2020.
[ pdf ]

Technical Reports
Total number: 1

[Paz et al., 2020]
Harllon Paz, Carla Pagliari, and Luiz Velho. "Light Fields". Technical Report TR-01-2020, VISGRAF Lab - IMPA, 2020.
[ pdf ]

Slides of Talks
Total number: 1

[Velho, 2020]
Luiz Velho. "New Media Performers". talk at NYU Future Reality :ab, Jan 2020.
[ key.pdf ]

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