Expanded Panoramas

This project aims to create new, richer and unique experiences for each user; and allows to explore properties inherent to three-dimensional visualization, such as: view dependent lighting effects, and parallax effects, that enrich the user experience.

Moebius Transformations for 360 Imagery

The project proposes Moebius transformation on videos as a mathematical formulation more appropriate to operate in spheric functions and, as a consequence, resulting in natural tools for editing and visualization of omnidirectional images.

Gaze-Based Interaction

360 VR Gaze-Based Interaction is a platform for creation of interactive omnidirectional cinematic content for Virtual Reality such that the viewer center of interest guides the narrative.

Children do Not Play War

This project is part of the Oculus VR for Good program. VILD Studio and VISGRAF Lab joined in a collaborative effort to develop new tools for the production of an interactive stereoscopic 360 film.