Design and Implementation of
3D Graphics Systems


This course is a masters / doctoral level graphics course emphasizing the practical aspects of the discipline. It covers modeling and rendering of three dimensional scenes.

The course is divided into fundamentals and trends. The fundamental part encompasses basic concepts of the area while the trends part addresses recent developments.

Under this methodology, the basic material does not change, but each edition of the course focuses on a research theme of interest (see previous offerings below).


The course is part of the graduate program in Computer Graphics maintained by IMPA. It is a regular course, taught every fall (March-July period), and is recommended for first year master and PhD students.


  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus of one and several variables
  • Proficiency in Programming Languages
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Basic Concepts of Computer Graphics
Since this course concentrates on 3D graphics students should have completed the discipline 2D Graphics, which covers the two-dimensional aspects of the area.


  • Color and Digital Images
  • Geometric Modeling
  • Visualization of 3D Surfaces
  • Surface Illumination
A detailed course syllabus is also available.


L. Velho and J.Gomes Sistemas Graficos 3D. Serie Computacao e Matematica, SBM/IMPA, 2001. (in portuguese)

J. Gomes and L.Velho, Computacao Grafica Volume 1. Serie Computacao e Matematica, SBM/IMPA, 1998. (in portuguese)

Current and previous offerings of this course

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