Image Processing Course - Final Project 1998

Image Mosaics




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The algorithm basic idea is: given an image (target image) create another image (mosaic) build up from several smaller images (tile images). The objective is that the mosaic image ressambles the target image.
The Mosaic generator pipeline consists on the following steps:


The software was implemented in C++ using the FLTK user interface library in Windows platform. We have implemented two different methods of image search: one that searches similar features using the Haar wavelet and another that searches the database for closest avarege colors.

We also developed two different color correction schemes: one that alter the overall chrominance of the tile to better match the original tile and another that changes the luminance, pixel per pixel, to the equivalent in the original image.

Downloadable archives:
Sun Landscapes database
Vangogh database


Rio panorama with Haar search and chrominance correction.

Mona Lisa with average color search: chrominance correction (left) and luminance correction (right)

Van Gogh with Haar search and chrominance correction

Van Gogh with average color search without color correction

Van Gogh with average color search and luminance correction