The project

Expo Framework takes advantage of Apple's new iBeacon technology to turn an exhibit into an interactive experience.

Different interactions can be created for each desired piece of the collection, which will be activated as the visitor approaches each beacon.

beacon activates interactive contents on the app


Learn more about the Framework and how it can used to build Apps.

Tom Jobim Music and Nature

Visgraf Lab has partnered with the Antônio Carlos Jobim Institute to enhance the contents of Tom Jobim Music and Nature exhibit using the Expo Framework.

Um Olhar nos Espaços de Dimensão 3

The framework is being used to bring interactivity to the exhibit "Um Olhar nos Espaços de Dimensão 3", at the Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences, in Rio de Janeiro.

Expo Framework was developed by IMPA's Visgraf Laboratory.

Visgraf Lab