The IMPA’s building, as well as the campus area, is part of IMPA itself.
A note from IMPA’s history:

The Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA) was the first research unit to be established by the Brazilian National Research Council – CNPq, presently the Brazilian Council for the Development of Science and Technology, just one year after CNPq itself was founded in 1951, becoming the foremost agency to promote and support research in Brazil.


A fundamental factor in the consolidation of IMPA was the construction of its own headquarters in Horto Florestal, Jardim Botânico, inaugurated in July 1981.

The natural surrounding blends with the architecture landmark in an organic fashion. From inside the classrooms or the research labs, a quick glance outside reveals part of the Atlantic forest. The same forest that was once the largest urban forest in the world.

This project intended to provide a virtual record of the experience one may have once entering the campus. The possibilities of the Mesa-3D, namely the dynamic scaling of the virtual scene, allowed IMPA’s building to be explored in a unique way.



In order to reconstruct the building, we used a DJI-Phantom 2 drone to fly over the site. The flight plan and picture capturing was automated by Pix4Dmapper Capture App, a 3rd party iPhone app. The pictures were imported into Agisoft PhotoScan Pro and the 3D-model was generated there from the captured point-cloud data.



Once we had the 3D model fully-generated, it was easy to fit it into a traditional animation pipeline. We used the software Blender 3D to produce a fly-over video of the campus.

Technical Sheet:

Direction: Luiz Velho

Research: Dalai Felinto, Luiz Velho, Djalma Lucio

Video EditingJuliano Kestenberg

Project Period: June-August, 2015