We developed two applications: Muan and Muan Player.

The first one allows users to create, edit, manipulate and play animations, acquiring images from a camera connected by firewire connection or analog capture card installed.

Muan_AE consists of one unique main window that provides an image area, where images incoming from camera or captured images are displayed, and large buttons for each operation, making the application easier for kids and inexperienced (beginners) users that appear in the scope of AnimaEscola Project.

Muan_AE Interface

Muan Player is a simple interface for playing animations. From version 3.0, it was incorporated valuables resources of import/export animations from/for diferents formats and play animation in full screen. If user has a collection of images, he can create an animation from them, importing all JPG images from a directory (application uses numeric-alphabetic order) and then saving in desired video file format. Moreover, this application can be used on others platforms, since the ffmpeg library has been instaled.

Muan Player Interface