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Muan is an open source stop motion animation system, developed under Linux. It was conceived by ANIMA MUNDI (International Animation Festival of Brazil) and developed by the team of VISGRAF Laboratory, with the sponsorship of IBM. The software provides an useful GUI allowing creation, editing, manipulation and visualization of animations through a video camera connected to the computer.

Muan can read and write animation files in avi and mpg formats or by a list of images in jpg or ras formats, making the application very flexible and easy of interact with other video applications even that in different operating systems.

This system was initially designed for Educational purposes (see MUAN Anima Escola). Because of this it has a very simple usage, but it can be used both for begginers or professional animators, since it provides very important features of Stop Motion Animation.


To install and use Muan on Linux system, you have to download the libsndfile, that is a library required for Muan installation, and the proper rpm installation file, according to the desired language to use with Muan:

See instructions for more details on installing Muan with these rpm files.

To compile the source code (2.1Mb) and see more informations about compiling Muan System, see Documentation - Download and Compiling.

We would like have your contact and feedback. So, after you download the software, please send an e-mail to info@muan.org.br.


07 Feb 2008 Download section updated
    New files of Muan version 8.2 (packages and source code) were uploaded to Download Section.

23 Jan 2008 FAQ updated
    FAQ section was updated including doubts about using Muan on new versions of Fedora.

21 Jan 2008 New documentation available
    Muan Documentation section was rewritten from version 8.2. See also the Download and Compiling section where all required files for Muan installation are available for download.

11 Jan 2008 Muan version 8.2 available
    Muan 8.2 are now avaiable with the following updates:
     - Changes on mpeg exportation module according to a newer version of FFmpeg project (svn - Dec 2007).
     - Files used by Muan when playing sound were incorporated in the source code and rpm installation file.
     - Name of the firewire device can now be defined in the Preferences window in order to guarantee the compatibility with new linux versions.

A history of the latest events can be found in More news...




For comments, questions or bug reports, please contact info@muan.org.br

Last update: Feb 07 2008