Events at IMPA

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"Geometry and imagination: a tour", Fernando Codá *
IMPA - (for high school students) - June 2014
(Basic level)

"Poincaré Conjecture: Geometry to understand the Universe", Marcelo Viana *
Instituto de Fisica da USP, November 2008.
(Intermediate level) [Video]

"The Poincaré Conjecture", Fernando Codá
IMPA - November 2012
(Advanced level) [Video]

"The Willmore conjecture and minimal surfaces", Fernando Codá
60 Years of IMPA - October 2012
(Aadvanced level) [Video]

*Lectures in portuguese


Coloquio Interdisciplinar Henri Poincaré
IMPA, 2012
[Web] | [Videos]

Trimester Program on Computational Manifolds and Applications
IMPA, 2012 [Web]
"The classification theorem for compact surfaces", Jean Gallier [Video]
"Ricci Flow and the Uniformization Theorem", Wolfgang Ziller [Video]


Ricci flow and the Poincaré Conjecture
Escola de Altos Estudos, 2007
[Web] | [Videos]

The uniformization theorem: old and new
Escola de Altos Estudos, 2011
[Web] | [Videos]