The group RIO-HK is a collaboration between the IMPA's VISGRAF Lab in
Rio de Janeiro, and the HKUST's VISGRAPH Lab in Hong Kong. The project
was created in June of 2010 and started with a visit of Prof. Pedro Sander to IMPA.
The goal of this project is to promote research in Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Multimedia.
This website provides an overview of the results developed in the project.


Currently we are developing research activities in the areas of Gigapixel
Panoramas and Reconstruction of 3D Models.
Concerning the first theme, we would like to exploit the potential of the new
gigapixel technologies to build panoramas for creating new forms of narratives.
A multidisciplinary group of people was organized to study the subject, capture gigapixel panoramic images and produce audio-visual narratives.