Cristal Enterprise


Gustavo Patow (LIFIA-UNLP) and Claudio Delrieux (ICIC - UNS), Argentina

Informacões Técnicas

This image was generated using the Environment Map Inversion technique, and it represents a cristal Enterprise spaceship on top of a magazine cover. The overall approximation consists in approximating the refractions through a generic object with the refractions through a system of multiple generic lenses. The mentioned technique takes advantage of the fact that, for thin lenses with the Gaussian approximation and using Blinn & Newell's Environment Mapping technique, the expresions for refracting through it colapses to the ones for reflection, with an environment map inversion prepprocess step. In order to generate this image, the object was approximated with three lenses, so three different environment maps were generated: one for the main deck, one for the secondary deck and one for the propulsion system.




Artigo "On low cost refraction models", submetido ao Sibgrapi 96.