Anais do X SIBGRAPI (1997) #AND02

Integrating Polygonal Objects on Voxel Based Terrain Models

Luiz Carlos C. Guedes, ADDLabs - DCC/UFF

Abstract. Voxel based projection is commonly used in applications that demand high exhibition frame rates of large scale terrain models. Placing tridimensional objects within a voxel based world may be an ease task for elementary objects. Complex objects are better represented by polygonal meshes. Integrating a voxel based terrain model with polygonal camera model brings together the benefits of both models. Such integration should be done with the aid of a z-buffer. In this paper we propose a solution to the problem of calculating the z-coordinate of each painted pixel in a voxel based terrain model. The proposed solution exploits the coherence of the pixels in the same column and uses a linear cost increment to update the z-coordinate. The proposed solution considers the situation when the view plane is not vertical.

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