Anais do X SIBGRAPI (1997) #APL04

Pos3D: Um pós-processador genérico para modelos 3D de elementos finitos

Marcelo Tilio
Luiz Fernando Martha
Waldemar Celes Filho

TeCGraf, PUC-Rio

Abstract. Pos3D is a interactive graphical post processor for unstructured tri-dimensional meshes, such as finite element models. The program is generic, efficient and independent of any particular analysis code. The first version of Pos3D was developed in 1990 and it has been widely used in several universities all over the country since then. In 1996 we started to develop the new version as part of the co-operation project with Brazilian Oil Company Research Center, CENPES. In this article, we describe the architecture of the new version, its data structure, and its key features.

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