Anais do X SIBGRAPI (1997)#ART32

Tridimensional image reconstruction method based on the modified algebraic reconstruction technique and B-spline interpolation.

Gilmar Cação Ribeiro, Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Paulo Estevão Cruvinel, EMBRAPA/CNPDIA

Abstract. This study presents an algorithm for three-dimensional reconstruction of tomographic images based on reconstructed two-dimensional slices, using a modification of the technique of additive algebraic reconstruction and the spline function for interpolation of the intermediary planes in volumetric reconstruction. Development of the method was first destined to image reconstruction of the minitomographer at the National Center for Research and Instrumentation Development for Agriculture (CNPDIA) of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company (EMBRAPA), which is dedicated to soil science. Evaluation of the results of the method was based on phantom images and soil samples, with 2mm spatial resolution, 60 samples per projection, a 3 degree angle between projections, a 59.9 KeV Americium (241 Am) energy source, and a ten- second time per projection sample. The results prove the usefulness and reliability of the method, which is also applicable to other tomographic systems.

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