Anais do X SIBGRAPI (1997) #ART35

Interact: um modelo de interação para interfaces 2D por manipulação direta

Marcelo Medeiros Carneiro, TeCGraf/PUC-Rio, IPRJ/UERJ
Marcelo Gattass, TeCGraf/PUC-Rio
Carlos Henrique Levy, TeCGraf/PUC-Rio
Enio Emanuel Ramos Russo, TeCGraf/PUC-Rio, Cenpes/ PETROBRAS

Abstract. We discuss interaction techniques in systems based ondirect manipulation of the objects in the canvases andproposes a model to manager such interactions. This model reduces the programming effort by providing an appropriate abstraction of the interaction tasks. A class library that implements these abstractions is also presented. Two application programs developed with this class library allow us to draw some conclusions.

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