Anais do X SIBGRAPI (1997) #ART60

Uma Arquitetura para Construção de Ferramentas de Manipulação para Visualização Interativa de Dados Volumétricos

Lúcia Teresa Schalcher da Fonseca, Petrobras
Luciano Pereira dos Reis, Petrobras
Luiz Fernando Martha, TeCGraf/PUC-Rio

Abstract. This paper presents an object-oriented architecture for the construction of 3D widgets,or manipulators, and its use to construct a set of tools for interactive visualization of volumetric data in oil-exploration-and-production applications. The main ideas are the use of an event model that encapsulates the processing of events inside the manipulators and the use of objects with simple behaviour to compose their geometry and complex behaviour. The implementation is based on a graphics library that allows immediate-mode rendering (OpenGL), such that objects containing high volumes of data can be handled efficiently.

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