Digital Gramophone

The Digital Gramophone Project is an investigation of 3D Photography techniques. The object ‘gramophone’ was chosen to be virtualized, through a 3D scanner, because of its complexity and conceptual value.


An authoring environment for dance shows that can both be used as a mechanism to synthesize virtual performances and as a tool to assist the planning of choreographies, allowing design and visualization of full motion sequences.

Muan Reloaded

Muan Reloaded is the Multi-Platform version of MUAN. The software provides an useful GUI allowing creation, editing, manipulation and visualization of animations through a video camera connected to the computer under MacOS, Windows or Linux.


This project is an application that lets puppeteers make performances with nothing but their hands. It aims to preserve the expressiveness and know-how of classic puppeteering, but at the same time, to look at it with a different perspective with the help of expanded reality.

Motion Capture

The project studies techniques to improve the quality of motion captured data, We have implemented a prototype of an animation system which is based on MoCap. This software works with motion captured data, and provides tools for motion analysis, manipulation and reuse.

Mocap DB

Motion Capture (MoCap) is the process of capturing the movement of a real object and mapping it onto a computer generated object. This portal presents a selection of Motion Capture databases, which are part of projects that have been developed at the VISGRAF Lab.