Rio-HK is a collaboration between the IMPA’s VISGRAF Lab in Rio de Janeiro, and the HKUST’s Lab in Hong Kong. We developed research activities in the areas of Gigapixel Panoramas and Reconstruction of 3D Models.

HDR Video

We have created an application for the Nokia N900 cellphone with the FrankenCamera API that allows us to capture scenes with varying exposure values. These images are then processed by our algorithm, which creates a High Definition Range video.


Revelar is a platform that makes it possible to carry out activities that have in photography the essential element, for educational, documentary and / or recreational purposes.

Compressive Sensing

We study Compressive sensing, a novel idea that rethinks data acquisition. The theory was so revolutionary when it was created in 2004 that an early paper outlining it was initially rejected on the basis that its claims appeared impossible to be substantiated.