A Tour to the Visgraf Lab

One of the most important aspects of the VISGRAF project infrastructure is the lab. The lab occupies a 400 m2 area in the IMPA building and it's physicaly divided in four distinct modules: Computer Graphics Environment and Multimedia and Video Area; Interactive Visualization Theater; and Computational Video Studio.

Graphics Workstations Area

The computer graphics environment has a great variety of equipments and occupies two diferents integrated areas: individual area with graphics workstations for students; and common area with general purpose equipment, such as scanners and others. ( view )

Video and Multimedia Production Facility

The Multimedia and Video area was developed to integrate the computer graphics lab resources with the video resources, allowing multimedia producing in a fast and flexible way. ( view )

Interactive Media Theatre and Playground

The Visualization Theatre has support for has support for immersive virtual reality environments, including panoramic viewing and stereoscopic projection. _ ( view )

Studio for Computational Video and 3D Photography

The Studio for Computational Photography and Video was designed to allow various experiments involving controlled image acquisition. ( view )

Panoramic Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour (VR Mode)

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