Simple and Efficicient Polygonization of Implicit Surfaces

Luiz Velho

journal of graphics tools, Volume 1 Number 2, 1996

Makefile (with links to all source files)

OBJECTS = main.o  simplex.o poly.o adapt.o vector.o

CC = gcc

pol: $(OBJECTS)
	$(CC) -o pol $(CFLAGS) $(OBJECTS) -lc -lm

main.o: main.c  main.h
	$(CC) -c main.c $(CFLAGS)
simplex.o: simplex.c
	$(CC) -c simplex.c $(CFLAGS)
poly.o: poly.c
	$(CC) -c poly.c $(CFLAGS)
adapt.o: adapt.c
	$(CC) -c adapt.c $(CFLAGS)
vector.o: vector.c  vector.h
	$(CC) -c vector.c $(CFLAGS)