Recently, the size and dimensionality of user data has increased, forcing operating systems to hide the data from its owners by automatically assigning applications to store and handle specific data types. Most notably, handheld devices (such as multitouch phones and tablets) have the potential to not only create but also store a large amount of data and the common solution to browse and interact with them is through a set of specific designed applications.

M-Cube (Multidimensional Cube) is a graphics-interface concept to visualize data allowing the user to easily change the current dimensions for a better browsing experience. M-Cube is perfect for multitouch devices and multimedia data, providing access with great interaction flexibility to end users. M-Cube is also interesting for regular file browsing, since it innovates in filtering, zooming and the action of changing dimensions for any type of data. Finally, the most important and subjective feature of the M-Cube interface is the feeling of 'holding' your data with your hands.

Our goal in this project is to transfer the M-Cube technology from the prototype version developed in our lab to the real universe of handheld devices and computers. We believe that M-Cube is not just an 'app' to be uploaded and shared in handheld devices, but a built-in functionality of the operating system that enhances considerably the users experience.