3D Museum

The 3D Virtual Museum Project consists in selecting a collection of brazilian folk art,  scanning with a 3D scanner, organizing and post-processing the models and creating different applications as a virtual exhibition – cd-rom and website.


Reveal aims at investigating participation design within a museological context. The system, located in Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, presupposes the participation of high school students in an activity elaborated by the Environment Museum team. Participants contribute with photographs captured with mobile devices.

Expo App

Expo App takes advantage of Apple’s new iBeacon technology to turn an exhibit into an interactive experience. A different interaction can be created for each desired piece of the collection, which will be activated as the visitor approaches each beacon.

Tom Jobim

Visgraf Lab has partnered with the Antônio Carlos Jobim Institute to create an app for the Tom Jobim Music and Nature exhibit, that shows Tom Jobim’s life trajectory and artistic pieces, throughout the many phases of his career.

Olhar 3D

The nature of three-dimensional spaces is the theme of “View in 3-dimensional Spaces”. The exhibition is divided into distinct parts, including an introduction to the concepts of Geometry and Topology; two interactive facilities on 2- and 3-manifolds; theorems and quotes related to the subject; and biographies of mathematicians pioneers in this field.


This project aims to study archeological artefacts through digital technology. More specifically, it focuses on 3D reconstruction and visualization of the Egypt collection of the Museu Nacional .