Panoramas & Narratives

This project exploits the potential of gigapixel panoramas for creating new forms of narratives. A multidisciplinary group of people was organized to study the subject, capture gigapixel panoramic images and produce audio-visual narratives.

New Realities

New Realities is the quest of effective proposals for new media. It gives a glimpse of what will be possible in future applications that exploit location-based multiplayer VR experiences.

The Tempest

The Tempest is an experiment based on the Shakespeare’s play combining theatrical performance with live cinema using virtual reality and gaming technologies.

After The Tempest

After the Tempest is an experiment based on The Tempest, the Shakespeare’s play. It was created to demonstrate the concept of VR Tour and test the platform

Lilith and Wood

“Aventuras de Lilith e Wood” was produced as part of the research in New Media, that combines puppet theater in virtual reality with interactive narratives. The experiment is the result of a scientific-creative partnership with a focus on storytelling, multilingualism and contemporary themes.

Searching for Aloyo

Aloyo, a twelve years-old girl living in Lira, Uganda, sits among other children around the fire to tell their story during war, what they saw, where they went. CHILDREN DO NOT PLAY WAR narrates the memories, dreams and daily lives of the children who returned from the war and about how they recovered their childhood.

DL Art

A development of OBSERVATÓR!O2016. From 180 thousand images about Rio-2016 Olympic Games we explored automated ways of regrouping the images and remixing them into new audiovisual products based on Deep Learning principles and methodologies.