Expressive Trajectories

Project for Interactive Digital Art and Contemporary Dance. The project has two main components: X-Motion, a real-time interactive system for live performances; and Choreographisms, an interface abstraction for graphical interpretation of motion-paths.


An authoring environment for dance shows that can both be used as a mechanism to synthesize virtual performances and as a tool to assist the planning of choreographies, allowing design and visualization of full motion sequences.

Dance to the Music / Play to the Motion

A method for synthesizing an original music piece based on the analysis of a dancer’s movement. This work explores how motion can be used to guide music composition. The automatic composition algorithm makes use of high level parameters, such as the melody instrument and the number of notes per beat, which are provided by the random walk in a motion graph.

Motion Creation

New methods to explore movement compositionally and further directions for choreographic research. The software tool developed provides a framework where a real dancer generates, through his movements and in real time, the creation of a virtual dancer with which he can interact.


Creation of a 3D animation based on the electronic version of the song “La Yumba”, by maestro Oswaldo Pugliese, made by the group Aires Aires through the capture of tango movements.