The VR Tour consists of a Program that is composed by three main parts: Preparation, Fruition and Follow-Up.

The Preparation takes place in the real world and accounts for the initial involvement of the participants with the VR TouIt has the following steps:

  • Registration / Data Collection – the potential participants register for the experience and enter their personal data using the Portal of the Tour;
  • Reception – at the VR Tour site, the participants are welcomed by the technical Staff that takes them to the VR Stages and hook up the VR equipment. Other participants may be directed to the movie theater.

The Fruition of the experience happens in the VR Environment. The Host and VR Guests use the VR Stages and the Regular Guests use the Theater. The experience can be structurally divided into three phases that happen in different shared spaces in virtual reality:

  • Introduction – the participants are introduced to the story in a neutral space, such as an Atrium;
  • Scenes – the story develops through a sequence of situations that happen in different Virtual Sets;
  • Conclusion – the end of the experience is a closing that returns to the Atrium before the participants leave the VR environment.

The Follow-Up of the Program consists of a portal of the Tour that allows further interaction at home or using mobile and also connected to social media platforms.