View in 3-dimensional Spaces

Exhibition at MAST


The nature of three-dimensional spaces is the theme of "View in 3-dimensional Spaces", an exhibition conducted by scientists and artists from Brazil and France. The exhibition is currently presented at the Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences (MAST) and is divided into distinct parts, including an introduction to the concepts of Geometry and Topology; two interactive facilities on 2- and 3-manifolds; theorems and quotes related to the subject; and biographies of mathematicians pioneers in this field.



The second part of the exhibition is intended to allow the visitor an intuitive investigation of 2- and 3-manifolds through facilities for interactive visualization. One of the rooms is called "Outer Surfaces View" and its installation shows the relationship between the geometry surface and an outer perspective view. The room "3-Manifolds Inner View" simulates the viewing of a 3-manifold from an inner point of view.


Virtual Tour.

One of the project's concerns is to enable the exhibition visit beyond MAST's facilities. To that end, the Visgraf Lab developed an exhibition virtual tour using 360 degree panoramas. Thus, visitors can immerse themselves in the show via their computer or tablet. The floor plan of the exhibition visualizes the organization of the rooms and the layout of the main works exhibited.


Learn more.

This section gathers a selection of books, videos, lectures and events related to the Poincaré Conjecture which allows readers to deepen their knowledge about this fascinating mathematics area.



Check the exhibition press release and other press reviews published about "View in 3-dimensional Spaces". The photo collection gathers images from the exhibition at MAST.



The exhibition "View in 3-dimensional Spaces", currently displayed at the Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences (MAST), in Rio de Janeiro, was originally exposed at Université Paris 13 and at Ecole Normale Superieure, in Paris. In 2015, the exhibition was partly reproduced in São Paulo during the VII ENAPOL (American Meeting of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation), occurred between September 04 and September 06.



In order to expand the content of the exhibition and make it more interactive, the Visgraf Lab has developed new media and applications. Among them, we highlight an application for smartphone, an interactive catalog (pdf and iBook), a virtual space on MAST website for signature and comments from visitors and a game called Spaceship.



In this section is gathered a selection of papers and academic reports developed within the research on the Poincaré Conjecture and related topics.