The Tempest was created by a multidisciplinary team of performing arts professionals, designers, and computer scientists who want to push the boundaries of what is possible in this area.

From left to right: Luiz Velho, Djalma Lucio, Rick Yates, Leo Carvalho, Manoel Prazeres, Helena Varvaki, Daniela Salles, Julia Giannella e Vitor Rolla.


Prospera – Helena Varvaki
Miranda – Daniela Salles Abreu
Ariel – Rick Yates

Screenplay and Production Design

Direction – Manoel Prazeres
Virtual Cinematography and Light Design – Affonso Beato (ASC, ABC)
Masks and Costumes – Eduardo Cronemberger


Project Coordination – Luiz Velho (Visgraf | IMPA)
Technical Direction – Leo Carvalho, (Visgraf | IMPA)
System Development – Djalma Lucio (Visgraf | IMPA)
Webdesign and Titles – Julia Giannella (Visgraf | IMPA)
Sound Design – Vitor Rolla (Visgraf | IMPA)

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