Probabilistic editing

Live probabilistic editing provides high-level authoring tools for VR Kino+Theater. The director operates in real-time an A/V switcher interface that selects probabilistically the camera views of a theatrical performance in the presentation experience.

Director as a DJ

The framework enables a higher level editing with more expressive power. In that sense, the goal is to allow the director to act as a DJ, using an interface designed for stylistic control and live improvisation.

The editing interface

The editing Interface extends the live image switcher of VR Kino+Theater to incorporate intuitive controls. It is programmable with style parameters for each scene and is meant to be used in Live Cinema.

The interface operates either in auto or manual mode. The auto mode selects automatically the cuts based on a probabilistic style graph, without the interference of the director. However, the director can also change the style parameters using the interface controls and these modifications will be reflected in real-time on the cut decisions by the machine.

Style Design

The design of cinematic style is based on Film Grammar, Stylistic Edit Patterns and Flow of Action in order to create a live high-level control mechanism.

An example of cinematic style design for the Tempest’s Cell Scene is depicted in the Figure below. At the top node, random variables control the decision between theatrical and film styles – in this case, that means respectively wide shots of longer duration versus near shots with fast-paced cuts.

The style parameters are exposed in the live editing interface to control the probabilistic procedural model as shown below.


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